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hahaha. HOLLA! dude thats like my new word. that and 'dirty' haha. well yeah n e ways..

dude me n christa are like good friends. i mean, not best of. but i love her, well i mean i always have. but we have become alot more close. so yeah i think thats pretty sweet. making me smile tonight so its all good.... dawg.. ya.. my ghettoness is coming out 2nite..

so yeah.. umm.. started working. CVS babie!. lol i actually like it. i mean its not like GOD but its nice. the ppl there are funny and most of them are young so i get along well with them. and they all crack me up and its nice to have sarah around n stuff.

hmm... my brothers wedding is coming up soon. october 23rd. woot. im so excited. my brides maid dress came in yesterday. and i put it on and modeled for aaron bc i love it. lol such a dianna thing to do. hmm lets see what else.

school is going.... lets just say its okay. i suppose. but im pretty pist off bc we got christmas for our holiday for field day. dude! we ALL wanted mardi gras but for some ODD reason the votes came out at 58 to 49. so me n kelly and aaron and like.. casey bartlett and half of our class that was like DYING to have mardi gras, yeah, well we are over throwing it. and just saying fuck it. and doing mardi gras anyways. bc dude. im sorry but im not guna b 1 of liek 3473457 santa clauses. wtf am i suposed to do? dress up as a friggen present? or a dradel? i mean come on . but ya im excited. bc the mardi gras thing is guna b cool. lots of beads,makeup. hell yes.

i miss rachel :-( ive been working the past two weekends so i havent seen her like, at all. sept for wen she came to cvs to get her glasses... :-/

im planning on like dying my haira again tomorrow. idk. i hate it. its like crap brown. ppl liek orgasmed over it today bc i wore it down and all that crap. n everyone loved the color. but its only bc the pink faded under the black, which turned it this nasty brown color. oh well. i'll figure something out to do with it.

ya i reaLly have to clean my room. random. but yea. its a MESS. and i jsut havent been motivated enough to get off my fat ass and actually do it.. meh, someday.

things with aaron n i are going really well. god i just love saying that. bc i dont even remember wen the last MAJOR event happened with us. that was like, bad.i remember at kims birthday party we had a little arguement but it kinda turned into like.. well idk. we fought about something and then we were outside on the swing. and we were kinda fighting and going at each others throats. and i said something along the lines of 'maybe i jsut dont want to lose u' and he got all sad and cried and said 'well maybe i just dont want to sit here and watch my gf die'. i mean, idk why but it made me feel cared for and loved. alot. of course then i BAWLED my eyes out, not only bc its true, but bc aaron had said it. i was literally hysterical and screaming, 'u wont have to, u dont have to watch me die, u wnt b here, i wont have u, i'll b all lone.' and things along that line. and since then we never really brought it up again :-( sigh. im not guna let myself get al depressed over that shit right now.

hmm. lets see.. what else? ya i suppose thats it for now kids. blah... leave me comments if u love me!!


HOLLA! haha i cant tell if im hyper or not.. hmm

love u guys, u know who u are!
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