~D~ (sweetlolli296) wrote,

Convo with logan. thats really makin me feel better

D is for Dianna: and kims not talking to me at all. shes already got her heart set on hating me for the rest of her life.
CaLiBaBy723: its so dumb tho cuz kim and kelly automatically assume things r right when they coome out of each others mouths
CaLiBaBy723: its like a game of telephone but they believe the last person in line
CaLiBaBy723: even 4 year olds knew not ta do that
D is for Dianna: yeah it really is. bc i fucking HATE that. bc its liek. wow kelly believes everything that she hears. and then she goes on and like HATED me but REFUSED to at least let me KNOW until I have to ask her about it.
D is for Dianna: and nows shes all like well u did this n u do have htis n ur not this. okay kiss my friggen ass. bc she is getting her info from the WRONG ppl
D is for Dianna: god i friggen hate this
D is for Dianna: i have a FEW ppl in my life right now that KNOW i woudlnt make stories liek that up. who have even TALKED to my mom about it. i guess that just goes to show who i can rly trust in life and who i cant
D is for Dianna: i mean u n kelyl were the first ppl i even TOLD . and now all of this? its bullshit.
D is for Dianna: sorry. im just like going insane and venting like ccrazy
CaLiBaBy723: its fine....i mean i want u ta know that im kinda switzerland in this. i hear the stories and i just dont tink ne of it adds up and im actually getting kinda ticked off at kim and kelly for turning on a friend like this
D is for Dianna: so am i. but it took me a little while to realize that i jsut DONT NEED THAT. after i prove myself and laugh in ppls faces bc they were so0o wrong. im doen with it. imnot guna go back to that. bc i shouldnt have to.
D is for Dianna: it pisses me off. but at the same time it fuckign HURTS me alot.
CaLiBaBy723: i know :-( im sorry. u dont deserv ethis

shes right. i dont deserve this. thats y wen this is all done. im DONE with all of u. except for those of u who know are guna stay in my life forever :-)

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