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- bring some sort of FOOD or DRINK or DIE
- dont forget ur bathing suit and towel
- bring any kinda cd's u want to be listened too, or movies u wana watch late at night
- comment and tell me if u plan on sleeping over

okay. thanx for that. woot. so0o ya.. school is good. i had like 23462346 tests today. junior year really is pretty hard. but i like most of my classes. latin is okay i guess.. gota 100 on my quiz bc it was like really easy. n mr fransson like took a pic of our class today. n it kinda scurred me. but oh well

aaron n i are doing well. woot. its been so long. almost a year n one month. god, things are so much better then they were a while back when the world just kinda sucked... but now things are gr8.

umm.. hmm.. lets see. new background and icon. god.. rachel is my awekjrhgaehg thing. woot. ya i still gota like go shoppinn stuff for kimies b day. oops? lol. i already got her suttin though. just need more stuff. umm. ya i suck at updated. ubleeeh!

and for those of u who dont know. i cut my hair. chopped it all off. just wen i start to like get it long, i cut it. n i dont rly like it. idk its weird-ish. asdfghaesrhnb its not THAT short. i mean its like chin length. but grr. gota wait another like 23453245 years for my hair to grow back. i can just barely put it in a pony tail.

dude rachel pierced her nose. all by herself. im so proud =) lol

oh yea.. started tutoring at goodwin for my community service hours.. i have three kids i tutor. 2 boys in 3rd grade and 1 in 2nd. the one is 2nd is like so cute n her name is faith n i love her! lol but ya.. i do it every day after school. not for too long which isnt bad. but i actually like it so its all good.

okay ya im guna end this useless piece of crap i call a 'decent entry' and go like.. eat ur mom. leave me love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<33 ex oh
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